Cropped Sweater

  Sweater weather is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited! I love sweaters! My personal collection is rather big but today i’m showing you my latest and most different purchase. This sweater is handmade, cropped (obviously!) and amazingly soft. I bought it on a flea market from a vintage-clothing collector, who owns the Trash-Vintage Clothing. […]

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The King on my bookshelf

I have already told you about my love for fashion and lifestyle books. I have read a decent amount of them and this one was the most special for me so far. That’s why I dedicate a separate post for Love X style X life by Garance Dore . The uniqueness of this book comes from Garance herself. She […]

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Navy Look

During summer I tend to spend more time near the sea in general. Walking, eating or having early drinks somewhere by the sea, especially during the golden hour. So, it’s time to give the navy look a go. In this one I went for a more casual and effortless look based on navy blue of […]

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Vintage summer dress

You probably know my love for vintage so far and how much I love giving a vintage tone to my outfits (when it’s possible). Well this dress is one of the few truly vintage items I own and I’m so excited to share it. I bought it about three years ago at Chania in a vintage […]

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The paper-bag trousers

One of the biggest trends for spring and summer is the paper-bag trousers. As the name suggests this type of trousers wraps around your waist like a paper-bag and usually is made of a thin fabric perfect for those hot, summer days. Paper-bag trousers are ideal for the times when it’s not appropriate to wear […]

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Stripes and chinos

Welcome to my most spontaneous photo-shoot featuring two beloved items of my closet. Stripes and chinos! Do you have these mornings when you want to look more preppy and chic but not too much? Or do you have a job interview and you have no idea what to wear? My answer in both questions is […]

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My kind of jewellery

I have never been a great jewellery fan and, to be honest, sometimes I forget them completely. But I love them. They are the detail that makes the difference. For me, jewels are the last thing I add to an outfit to make it perfect and complete. So, I decided to show you my favorite […]

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