My kind of jewellery


I have never been a great jewellery fan and, to be honest, sometimes I forget them completely. But I love them. They are the detail that makes the difference. For me, jewels are the last thing I add to an outfit to make it perfect and complete. So, I decided to show you my favorite ones and if you expect to see something extremely special and unique then I’ll disappoint you. Once again I’m all about simplicity. Plus, I prefer cheaper pieces for my everyday life and I keep the better quality ones for special occasions.

In most of my looks I add a necklace or a pair of earrings, never those two together. I also have a preference for hoop earrings, I think they’re more versatile.

Now as for rings and bracelets, they are the ones I wear the least. They are not so comfy and I prefer them for more formal or evening looks. The left one below is from my mum’s collection and I adore it!


All the pieces are from Accessorize apart from my mum’s ring.

Photos by George Malandris

Flat-lays by me! 



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