The King on my bookshelf

DSC_0555 small

I have already told you about my love for fashion and lifestyle books. I have read a decent amount of them and this one was the most special for me so far. That’s why I dedicate a separate post for Love X style X life by Garance Dore .

The uniqueness of this book comes from Garance herself. She is a real woman who has incredible life experiences and I’m sure I could listen to her talking for hours.

DSC_0561 small

DSC_0562 small

I learned everything about fashion, the importance of having your personal style, style staples and style essentials. I also learned about pure elegance that doesn’t have to do only with clothes but with our own personality as well.

DSC_0567 smallDSC_0559 small

Last but definitely not least, I learnt the most important thing. Being yourself and love yourself no matter what. Everything starts from that basic point and all the other things will follow, style, beauty, elegance…

Photos by Aimilia Christopoulou

If you wanna see all the other books I love see my previous post.




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