The past few days the weather has been a little crazy. Sunny, warm, windy and rainy at the same day! I also wasn’t at my best mood-wise, so i was really bored to find something special to wear. Then I discovered the meaning of sporty style. Hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers seemed like heaven to me […]

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Casual blazer look

Let’s take a moment to appreciate blazers… I don’t like the term ‘must-have’ because there is no obligation in fashion and style but let’s be honest everyone should invest on a blazer, it’s life changing! For me it’s the most versatile piece of clothing (and the little black dress of course).  Sometimes, though, it may […]

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The weekend look

Most of my weekends are quite and I don’t do lots of crazy stuff. I love afternoon walks, brunch and spending time with friends that I don’t see during the week. So, my outfits are more on the casual side (my besties are laughing now..). In this one I chose two of my most beloved items. […]

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Vintage Feelings

I love everything about vintage and I’m trying to incorporate my everyday clothes with some vintage inspired pieces. Red nails, red lips floral pattern and some special sunglasses can give this vintage touch in your outfits without visiting a vintage-clothing shop. That’s how this outfit happened just by using clothes from the high street. Well, […]

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Here in Greece spring is weird. You leave in the morning and it’s cold and until afternoon you wanna get rid of all your clothes because of the heat. The solution is simple; layering! You may start with a basic t-shirt paired with your favorite checked shirt. On top you can throw a denim or […]

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My kind of bookshelf

I don’t read many books in my life and that’s a shame I know. But almost a year ago I learned about the ‘How to be Parisian’ madness. Everyone was talking about this book and how life-changing it was. I got also myself into this madness and other books followed. Now, these lifestyle-fashion books are […]

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That’s my version of the classic “denim-white shirt-leather jacket” look. Simple, chic and all purpose appropriate outfit. I chose a mom fit ‘ZARA’ jeans and a fishnet to add a bit of a 90’s vibe. My shirt is from ‘ZARA’ as well, my tote bag from ‘ACCESSORIZE’, my shoes are ‘EXE’ and my leather jacket is […]

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